Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is situated on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. The Center is made up of two parts; the Visitor's Complex with the Rocket Garden and a space shuttle mock-up and a series of bus tours around the NASA site to see shuttle launch pads and the Apollo/Saturn V Visitor's Center.

All tours start and finish at the Visitor's Complex with the Rocket Garden's display of rocket memorabilia. Most surprising is the size of some of the capsules where astronauts spent lengthy periods of time with little or no room to move around. The full-size replica of a space shuttle gives an insight into the cramped conditions that the astronauts live in on their missions into space. Take a moment in the excitement to visit the sobering monument, the Astronaut's Memorial wall.

For more insight into space exploration, join other visitors in the central courtyard to hear astronauts past and present recount their experiences of space.

Join the bus tour to the heart of NASA, go inside the International Space Station Center where future sections of the space station are put together and sealed before being loaded onto the shuttle. The size of the Vehicle Assembly Building is mind-blowing, the stripes on the American flag are a bus lane wide.

Next you head out for a closer inspection of the shuttle launch pads. It's hard to grasp the scale of the operation required to move and launch a shuttle. The final stop on the tour is the Apollo/Saturn V Center where once again you marvel at the size of the rocket that took man to the moon.

Equally impressive is the Apollo Control Room where you experience a simulated launch. What makes man's trip to the moon so incredible is to look back at the equipment from that era.

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