Sea World's animal attractions include Manatees: The Last Generation. Manatees are an endangered species native to Florida. This educational exhibit gives a fascinating insight into these magnificent creatures and the conservation work done by the team at Sea World.

Shark Encounter is a vast underwater walkway bringing you face to face with eels, barracuda and awesome predatory sharks. For the really adventurous there is the shark deep dive program where visitors don wetsuits and plunge into a tank containing more than fifty sharks.

Meet the loveable black and white penguins at the Penguin Encounter, a faithful recreation of penguins in their natural habitat. This exhibit houses four species of penguins; gentoo, rockhopper, chinstrap and king penguins who play clumsily on land but swim with grace through the icy waters. Visitors are transported along 120ft moving walkway that gives excellent views of the penguin habitat and the puffins who dive for food.

Key West at Sea World features indigenous animals found in the Florida Keys including stingrays, turtles and bottlenose dolphins. This unique attraction gives visitors a chance to interact on a one to one basis with some of the magnificent Florida wildlife. At Pacific Point Reserve, a 2.5 acre recreation of the northern Pacific coast, sea lions and harbor seals spend their days entertaining visitors.

To get to Wild Artic Base Station you can choose either to go on foot or by an exhilarating simulated helicopter ride through blizzards and avalanches. Once at the base station, you meet giant walruses, harbor seals, beluga whales and powerful polar bears.

Journey to Atlantis is the ultimate in log flume rides as you travel through the lost city of Atlantis. You plunge and curve until the final 60ft drop sends gallons of water skywards as you crash into the splash pool below. The special effects are amazing.

One of Orlando's fastest coasters named after a mythical sea monster, the Kraken reaches speeds of up to 65mph as it goes through seven thrilling loops as you are suspended in open-sided seats below the track.

At the Key West Dolphin Fest, dolphins and false killer whales perform well-choreographed routines as they play and entertain with their trainers. Shamu Adventure and Shamu Rocks America are the two show-stopping attractions at Sea World that feature the fully grown adult Shamu and his family. Visitors are thrilled and amazed by their agility as they perform spectacular leaps and by their relationship with the trainers that share the water with them. Shamu Rocks America is set to a fantastic rock 'n' roll soundtrack as these magnificent creatures perform on cue giving audiences an experience to remember.

Also worth a look are the Clydesdale Hamlet with its beautiful heavy horses and the Anheuser-Busch Hospitality Center where you can taste numerous beers from the Anheuser-Busch range of products. There's also a Budweiser beer school where you can try the famous brew as well as products in development. Over 21s only. For all who graduate beer school you get 10% of the Budweiser branded merchandise on sale.

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